August 18, 2012
5 years, 10 months and 1 Day since
our Reunion.
50th Reunion for John Jay High School Class of 1962 
(with friends & alumni from other JJHS classes)

 Peter A. McKernan Hospitality Center
122 McKernan Drive/2 Fort Road
South Portland, Maine 04106
We had the whole place to ourselves: large L-shaped room; bar & dance floor; enclosed & open porches;  hospitality suite
We had the whole place to ourselves: large L-shaped room; bar & dance floor; enclosed & open porches; hospitality suite; rooms upstairs.

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Below is the summary letter that described our reunion.

September, 2012

Dear Class of 1962,

The Fiftieth Reunion of the Class of 1962 of John Jay High School, Cross River New York, was blessed by mostly wonderful weather and an extended gathering of enthusiastic friends for the weekend of August 18, 2012.  We had 33 classmates and 26 guests visit South Portland Maine for a series of events that gave us all plenty of time to reconnect, reminisce about the past and celebrate the present…and although some of us had not seen each other for 50 years, it often felt like no time had passed at all.  We came from as far away as France, Washington state and California – and many, many points in between.

Our reunion really began when Kate Grimshaw Duane arrived in Portland Maine from California to stay with Linda Peck Boardman down in Cape Porpoise.  The next night Kate, Linda and her husband Geoff picked up Christine Dorotte and her husband, Yves, who had left early that morning from Montpelier France.  Friday night saw an informal gathering of 35 of us at Joe’s Boathouse, during which neither overloaded staff nor truly violent thunderstorms dampened the enthusiasm or conversation.  Saturday's weather was glorious!  Jim (Boissy) Austin and his wife Darcy provided hourly boat tours of the harbor in Pogo, a cozy boat Jim built himself and keeps in New Harbor, Maine, near where they live off the grid.  An ever-rotating group of classmates watched these tours from the Joe’s Boathouse porch and others waved from a nearby lighthouse that just happened to be open.

The "main event" was held nearby Saturday evening in the McKernan Center, once officers’ quarters for historic Fort Preble and situated right on the water.  We ate hors d'oevres (hot and cold), a buffet dinner, and elegant desserts as the sun went down and a rainbow graced our magnificent harbor view.  We tried to guess who had posted the photos of smiling children (be they grandchildren, great nieces or nephews, or even younger incarnations of celebrants), and then tried to identify our teachers, based on clues supplied by Doug Bartel (who had worked with those same teachers later when he taught at John Jay), all the while talking non-stop.  We even did some dancing to 60s songs from the collection of over 500 recordings that Ernst Kastning has amassed over the years.

A small number of us enthusiastically marked the 5:51 AM sunrise from different waterfront venues ranging from Maine's most photographed lighthouse to the local beach and its historic fort ramparts, while the numerous non-attendees were lucky enough to simply roll over and briefly look out their windows.  After a buffet breakfast on the sunny porch of the McKernan Center, a contingent of classmates headed to downtown Portland with Bob Ludwig for an impressive tour of his Gateway Mastering Studios, complete with a wall of Emmys!  Later 25 of us headed up the coast for the "Midcoast Maine Add-on Events"…a lobster dinner hosted by Christine Dorotte and Joanne Sharpe at her home on the Sheepscot River, a sparsely but enthusiastically attended nine-hole golf tournament (declared a 3-way tie by the participants: Joanne, Art Baur and Bruce Balgooyen), and then a picnic lunch for 12 at Merry Nash Fossel's in Alna, temporarily increasing the town's population of 700 by 1.5 percent.  The reunion officially ended Wednesday morning when Christine Dorotte and her husband headed off to Vancouver and points west.

Photos of the cast of characters at all of these events will appear on both the Class of 1962 reunion website ( and the general reunion site (, but we enclose a group photo of all classmates who attended (compliments of Doug Bartel).  There is a key on the back of this photo. Any additional photos from participants are welcome ( and we'll post them.  We encourage you to check the website and continue to add profiles, long or short (password=purplewhite).  For those of you who missed the event we enclosed a current Class of 1962 directory. For those of you have a directory we enclose an update.  Please email us with any corrections or future updates so that the records will be current for the next reunion.

Our Fiftieth reunion would never have happened without the encouragement and help of all kinds from volunteers from our class:  Jim and Darcy Austin, Doug Bartel, Art and Elaine Baur, Pam Bunt Remick and Ken Cameron, Christine Dorotte and Yves Morin, Judy Elder Rogers, Gale Finlayson, Jon Finucane, Bob and Ann Griswold, Fred Hoerauf, Ernst Kastning and Susan Zimmer Seacord, Bob and Gail Ludwig, Steve Oates, Linda Peck Boardman and Geoff Boardman, Dixie Perry Todd, Joan Perry, Jim Requa and Jere Rice. 

We thank all of you who attended for making our reunion such a memorable event. Even though some of you were unable to attend, we thoroughly enjoyed communicating with you as we planned for this event.  How lucky we are to be part of such a special high school class!  And here’s to looking forward--to seeing every one of you at future reunions.


Joanne and Merry


So, Why Maine?  

In the spring of 2011, in response to a newsy report from Jane Scannell, Steve Oates sent out an e-mail to several classmates wondering if there would be a 50th reunion.  Some of us who live in or near Maine, have summer places in Maine, or love to visit Maine (Jim Austin, Art Baur, Pam Bunt, Gale Finlayson, Ernst Kastning, Bob Ludwig, Merry Nash, Susan Zimmer, Linda Peck, Joan Perry, Joanne Sharpe) have been getting together since the 40th and we thought it would be fun to host our 50th in this amazing place.

Advised and encouraged by former reunion planners and enthusiasts (Doug Bartel, Christine Dorotte, Jon Finucane, Fred Hoerauf, Steve Oates, Dixie Perry, Jim Requa, Jere Rice and Jim Robinson), we finally found a great location, perfectly suited to the party we wanted to throw.
Inside the Center
Inside the Center

Reasons to love this destination:

  • a million dollar view of bay and ocean between a sandy beach and a lighthouse
  • the ambience of a family summer "cottage" on the rocky Maine shore
  • plenty of room, inside and out, for sitting around and catching up, & a dance floor and sound system as well
Gulf of Maine from the  Center
Gulf of Maine from the Center
  • more than a mile of paved paths right on the water with benches for enjoying chats and the view
  • great city - Portland is a "foodie" destination (see online reviewand Old Port shops & taverns are wonderful fun! 
  • near the Portland International Jetport, Amtrak station, and express Concord Coach busses from Boston and its airport
  • getting from the Jetport to either the McKernan Center or Old Port and South Portland hotels takes less than 1/2 hour 
Willard Beach: large sandy swimming beach, right next to the Center
Willard Beach: large sandy swimming beach, right next to the Center
  • a summer date that will insure you can see Maine at its very best - even plan a whole vacation, if you like
  • and all for a reasonable cost!

Spring Point Ledge Light from path that follows the water's edge
Spring Point Ledge Light from path that follows the water's edge

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